Laravel + bootstrap vs Vue + standalone API?

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    Honestly both are fucking confusing

    Also welcome to devrant, have your first comment and ++
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    @shoop thanks! What's the non-confusing way to build web app?
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    @pastorpit svelte/sapper is pretty straightforward. I would probably go with vue over bootstrap unless you just need it done really fast and suck with css
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    @M1sf3t you mean laravel + Vue or Vue + external API?
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    @pastorpit none of these choices are mutually exclusive
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    @pastorpit yea it depends entirely on what your trying accomplish. are you just learning or you've got a specific app in mind. do you need a custom db and does it need tables or docs or will something like a kanban board suffice for keeping track of your data?

    Until you start to narrow all that down your options are endless, somewhat interchangeable, and mostly just a matter of personal preference
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    @M1sf3t got it. To specify, it's a specific app in mind. Main features:
    - email:password auth
    - payments
    - user profile management
    - roles (user/admin)
    - chat
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    Laraval will be your standalone API. Vue and Bootstrap aren't mutually exclusive https://bootstrap-vue.js.org/
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    @pastorpit and your comfortable with php? If i were looking at doin all that i would throw my frontend up on firebase, plug in stripe and call it a day.

    But this is coming from someone who is doing good to just change the colors and fonts most days. Whoever handles the code for the payments and login interfaces really needs to know what they're doing, otherwise your just asking for bad shit to happen.
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    @M1sf3t I had few "edits" with PHP, but wouldn't say that I'm comfortable.

    I was considering firebase, but I find it painful to do any analytical data operations on Firestore. So if possible, I'd like to try to stick with some sql option.
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    @pastorpit if you didn't like firestore you'll probably want to use a sql db. i dont think firestore is a whole lot different than any other nosql. Take that with a grain of salt tho, ive only used it and mongo, for a brief minute.

    I would definitely go with some else's software for the cms and commerce stuff tho, at least until you have your footing. Wordpress has a headless option you might want to look into, there are probably a couple others
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    @inaba those bootstrap for x framework options, are they more or less just the normal bootstrap classes with that framework in place of the jquery they originally used?
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    Vue has a bootstrap plugin, please dont use php in 2019
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    don't listen to @tekashi, he has a small pee pee. Use php all u want
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    Use lumen as rest, and consume it from vue
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    @tekashi change my mind 😏

    @pastorpit it's 2019, roll a dice and pick a stack - that seems to be the "modern" way.

    On a "im a senior php dev" note,

    use Laravel if your newish to php or hell, use it even if you're not. It will handle a lot of the boilerplate for you.

    As for front end, seriously doesn't matter if you use bootstrap or vue or bootstrap-vue or go all I with react, they both serve a purpose, they have responsive design, it's a matter of you deciding which one to get you're head around.

    Now for payments, pick a merchant you feel confident in, wether that be Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, or some other credit card processor just make sure you have some level of fraud checking and chargeback protection, that shit gets messy.
    They all have apis, they all work slightly differently to integrate with them and if you start transacting enough you'll have to deal with PCI audits. I'm thinking that's not the case here but good to know anyway.
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