When people say "I hate C/C++, I prefer java/python", I feel like, sorry guys, but we can't be friends.

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    I tolerate C/C++, love Java and hate python. Can we still be friends?
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    Can we stop lumping C and C++ together?

    I tolerate C

    I love C++

    I tolerate Java because of Minecraft

    I love Python
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    When someone says "i prefer c/++" im like yeah i also like spending unnecessary time on my hobby projects
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    Erlang was here
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    @tekashi Or he is an embedded developer?
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    @Demolishun They are lumped together because they are frequently used together. You write C++ graphics application/engine but your graphics API is C.
    People who are fine with C are usually fine with C++, and vice versa. And the Java/python people usually hate on both, and not only on one of them.
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    @NickyBones Yeah, that is true.
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    Friendship was never an option
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    Some people have post segfault traumatic stress disorder.
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    Python is kind of a mistake really in my opinion
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    @NickyBones I love C and hate C++. C++ is to C like funeral to fun.
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    To clarify: Is it because of the "hate C/C++" or the "prefer java/python" part?
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    I like C.
    I like C++ significantly less, but it's alright.
    I love Ruby.
    I hate java.
    I hate python; extra so because of its community.
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    @VaderNT Both, but mainly the second part. If they said they prefer assembly, I might be ok with that.
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    what if i like C and don't like C++
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    I tolerate C, C++ and Java. I prefer python and C#.
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    @shoop data scientist *laughs in dollar signs*
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    *laughs in typed, bracket-based, compiled and readable language*
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    @reij jQuery for data science! ^^
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    @shoop python is like the most easiest language to read
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    @reij it really doesn't, I personally can't just glance over some python code and tell what it does approximately
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    @shoop well, I can. It was the precise reason why I decided to learn Python.

    Back in the day when I was using XChat, I had downloaded some script for it. I don't remember its function, but it had a bug. Not knowing Python I thought, whatever, let's have a look. At the time I was learning Java and knew some C++.
    And to my surprise the script was perfectly readable. I found the bug, an off-by-one error, fixed it, done. That impresses me to this day.
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    Python taught me this:

    data = [<random list>]

    data2 = [x for x in data if data > 5]

    So in C++ I was like how I do that:

    vector<int> data = {<random data}

    vector<int> data2;

    copy_if(data.begin(), data.end(), data2. begin(), [](int d){


    return true;

    return false;


    More verbose, but same concept. My intro to functional programming.
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