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Yet another meeting that I was forced to join where my presence was absolutely not required

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    Just leave
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    its not always that easy ;(
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    falling in love again when I shouldn't
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    Log it into your sprint as a task and put time against it.. they will soon change when they see the sprint filling up with hours of developer time going on meetings.
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    That depends on meetings, but sometimes it's good to learn from your peers there.

    For example, as they discuss a feature and they start asking some questions, you can check if those concerns had crossed your mind or not.
    I know that some meetings aren't even related to engineering like Sales charts stuff but also you can have an impression how the company is doing and if it's time to prepare for interviews ;)
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    @justDeployIt yes, but sometimes it's just like "we invited all these people just in case".

    And the worst is that sometimes the meetings might take one hour or more! I am usually remote, and I don't use webcam unless I'm forced to, so I try to multitask in the meantime
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    @elvieeejo I see, I guess that you have talked already with your manager.
    What was his reply regarding those unnecessary meetings?
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    @justDeployIt no, I haven't so far, besides mentioning it in one retrospective (we're following a mix between Scrum and Kanban)

    I am new to this job (less than 5 months) so I did not want to sound aggressive on this matter
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    @elvieeejo I see, as you mentioned you should be then a little bit patient.

    But you can also ask questions about meetings policy, such as if they are optional or mandatory.
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