Me: so zero is an integer meaning it means the number value equivalent of nothing but it’s an integer and actually represents a number that exists. Null means the number doesn’t exist and is not an integer.

Idiot in the back seat: So ThEyR’re tHe SaMe

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    People in my CD course said that.
    I made them shut up.
    It was fun
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    Zero is a value meaning ZERO.
    Null is a lack of any value. It's not even zero.
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    zero: no pizza left in the box
    null/nil: not even a box
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    SQL null is a state, not a value.

    Zero is a quantity and as such a value.

    And as you cannot compare a value like zero with a non value like null, 3 valued logic was born...
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    Zero is the lack of knowlege
    Null is your brain
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