Got an offer from another company for a 45% increase after tax, talked with my company and they matched the offer. I shook hands and thought thats that. Talked with the original company and they came back with a 65% increase after tax.. not sure on what to do. Don’t want to seem like an asshole and burn bridges with my current company by leaving, and I’m afraid of the new company and the possible learning curve and inadequacy. Help :(

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    Well. If I were you I'd take the new job. But that's only my opinion as I really enjoy finding myself in a new environment and trying to grasp the bigger picture there. If you want to be fair to the current employer and also worry about the new challenges I think you should stay. That seems like the most elegant solution especially that you shook hands.
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    If you signed the contract with the 45% take the 45%, besides, there's no guarantee that you'll get the 65% anyway. Some companies actually backpedal after promising a better counteroffer just so they can keep you.
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    It’s not a contract, nothing is signed yet. It works a bit different in my neck of the woods 😅
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    contract or no contract, doesn't really matter. you're talking about not burning bridges. in my book if you promise to stay after a company tries its best to keep you - you just sit on your ass. you could have always said that you'd consider it and give the answer later and that would be perfectly understandable
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    If they can afford a 45% increase, your current employer has been screwing you blind. What's to stop them doing so again?
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    @HCC5GDKc7 he did not say anything about promising to stay. just agreed on a deal. if there is a better deal then why should he settle for less??

    @pionell are you afraid of challanges? u cannot grow in your confort zone
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    @nibor in my country the companies average and median salaries are disclosed publicly, i’ve been getting a median salary as a pretty junior-early mid dev. Now i’ll be getting an upper 25% average. They werent screwing me per se
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    @coffeeholic I am a bit afraid of challenges, but I spoke with my company and we will be starting a few new projects soon, and my plan is to upskill for a while and refactor the older code.
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    @coffeeholic obviously we don't know the exact circumstances, I was just trying to look at it from employer's POV. Still - he doesn't really seem to be looking forward to the changes
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