How to let go and move on

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    Loosen your grip carefully and walk away
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    Do your job
    Worked for me
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    Take a deeeeeeep breath.

    Focus on your anger and pain....

    Breath Out....

    Breath in...


    It helps.
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    Buy vodka
    Drink vodka
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    Doing a professional therapy has better odds of success than continuous shitposting on devRant.
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    Focus on something else.
    Distract yourself.
    Process in small. Hunks rather than all at once.
    Don't dwell; try to find something else you are able to enjoy.

    Also, chocolate always helps.
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    @Root Professor Lupin, is that you?
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    @Gregozor2121 how exactly does that work? I want more details..
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    @jennytengsonM jenny can u jack me off so i can lay this off of my mind
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    God, devrant gotten so cringy to look at. @dfox @trogus. can we have a working block feature yet? They've been in my list for ages but I still habe to see stuff like this. If y'all need help, really, just let me know
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    @ScribeOfGoD it's SukMike's rant, so blocking him from posting comments on his own thread will never be a feature. Jenny was the one to introduce the maturbation topic, which opened some doors, but I agree that the responding comment is more targeted than we'd like to see here, so I'll remove it.

    I spoke with @dfox recently about blocking, which has some complications of hiding just for you, hiding for everyone on your thread, hiding from @ mentioning you, hiding from the algo feed, etc, but there might be at least a simple blunt approach that could be an 80% solution.
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