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I've always wanted a desktop I could treat like apple maps. Pan and zoom (or on touch screens, pinch to exit, opposite to zoom).

Drag to create a new folder/region and name it, like a constellation of files. Zoom or click to expand, and zoom out to exit.

I guess it'd be messy af, but it's a different way of thinking and organizing for some of us.

Some of us think hierarchically (classic folders), and some of us think in two dimensions.

I dunno, I've just always found it easier to find things by organizing into 2d groups, no matter the number of files, versus having to scroll and search.

But you're reading a devrant by a guy who has north of 25-30k bookmarks, so I'm probably clinically insane anyway.

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    Though the interface is 90s-ish, the implementation is almost spot on what I was thinking.
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    Maybe I'll do a mockup.

    I'm better at design than code.

    (I can hardly code at all).
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    I would love to see your mockups.
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    Interesting, but I'm pretty sure I would absolutely hate it.

    This is making me have some second thoughts about my infinite canvas window manager. 😕
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    Interesting idea. Even more interesting to learn that something like this exists.
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