Okay, I have a lot to rant about discord, but today, exceptionally, to the point.

I have my dedicated server. It has uptime last 3 years better than 99,99% (was down 15ish minutes for maintainance and RAM upgrade and like 10 minutes down becouse hoster's generators failed to trigger when there was outage)

This year it was up 24/7/365.

Why am I saying it?
Well, my TS3 server is up 100% of time this year. Yet still everyone moves to discord and suffers brutal audio quality and audio lags, and outages like right now. Its not first time this year and recently discord was acting up before. Today they scored bigger downtime than my dedi server (thats not redundant, not distributed nor any fancy "uptime helpers") last 3 years.

Why the fuck people prefer discord to ts3 other that it allows to upload images more conviniently? Okay, it looks nicer, and is like 10 times heavier on machine, but other than that? Its beyond me.

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    You said it yourself, It looks nicer.
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    @C0D4 Its not valid enough to make software better than other ;-;
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    @DubbaThony sadly it is.
    People will use slow software that's down frequently, if it's "better" then the competition.

    Better is personally defined, but that could be aesthetics, features, the communities them selves or a number of other things.

    Up time is negotiable for such a service, as it's up enough to keep the communities to continue using it.

    It's a bit like, why is devRant used over twitter, or SO used over official docs.
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    Devrant is missused. Its place to rant about stuff... But thats whole another topic **cough cough** joke/meme section.

    I mean yeah... Thats so brutal but sadly truth. Cant use TS3 becouse bearly anyone uses it but ask me any day or any night I would definitely choose TS3 over discord. Maybe becouse it just works. And it works great. And I dont give a ** about having fat padding here and there (okay, I actually prefer low margins/paddings but thats my controversial preference)
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    @DubbaThony ok excluding the jokes/memes.

    Twitter or a Facebook group would be a relevant product to take devRant too, and here we all are on this little app with a broken UI, a text box I can no longer see once I start writing under the keyboard as I can't scroll down that far and the view doesn't take me below the fold.

    But, there's a community here that's lacking in toxicity compared to our other platforms, and we can filter out posts we don't want to see... like this comment right now, it's below the fold so typos be here somewhere, I'm sure....
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    @C0D4 Thats actually one of things why I love devrant... No toxicity. If some discussion pops out here and there people use... prepare for it... actual arguments! its maddness! Its so not fitting into the internet!

    Okay having that aside, for me facebook for example is out of the count (I dont have fb account even) becouse I dont accept their approach to privacy. Sure, some telemetry here and there is lets say ok.

    DevRant is focused on Devs Ranting (lol go figure) and its brilliant feeling "yeah Im not alone thinking this". It lacks SO's clusterfuck of rules to keep site clean

    PS. are you sure this comment is revelant?
    PPS. are you sure this comment wasn't asked before?
    PPPS. are you sure this comment isn't small/big scope?
    PPPPS. are you sure this comment isn't opinion-based?

    E: forgotten to mention "which I love"
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    1. Better chatting (not voice)
    2. Free servers
    3. It's for "gamers"
    4. All the cool kids use it

    I prefer Mumble for voice chatting.
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    1. fine.
    2. fine.
    3. just marketing fluff. (see below)
    4. wtf

    Definitely I would choose for VC mumble over discord.

    While discord is aimed for gamers, most important for gamers is voice chat and they STILL manage to have probably worst VC quality I ever managed to get.
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    I agree. Although many of those use crappy headset microphones, so quality is already lost.

    I was sarcastic about 3 and 4. It's like RGB === gaming.
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    I’d like discord a hell of a lot more if I could fucking host my own server
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    @Bubbles There is suggestion about it (one of most voted in some category) and discord was like "nooope"

    They need the data. They need it all.

    And they dont give a shit that some people can pay to host to get proper voice coms. Its too hard to wrap their heads around it or something.

    Also, side note, IDK how now, but like year ago discord was false marketing - They don't use opus voice.
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    @DubbaThony I’m surprised they haven’t gotten sued tbh
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    Because discord is free...
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    Omg I wasn't having any problems with it until I saw this.
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    @PaszaVonPomiot that has nothing to do with anything
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    Well free servers.
    And you get quality that dosent deserve paying so you get it for free.
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    @DubbaThony doesn’t mean they’re allowed to be greedy cunts.
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    Yeah im just saying that free servers are selling point for many (especially not core gamers).
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    First downtime: Google's fault
    Second one: Their software.

    ...in 24 hours.
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    Because multiple servers & automatic updates. If you're connected to many servers, you've probably seen "update your client" or "server version is no longer supported" some time with TS, and it gets really annoying once you can't connect to all severs using the same client version. And well, Discord doesn't require a separate access data for each server, nor a separate account in order to keep all your servers under one login. Plus it lets you use your custom reaction gifs & emojis across all servers you're connected to, and track the same people across different servers.
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    Updating server is server's admin responsibility or just go get managed hosting for like price of coffee or two.

    Reactions and that stuff is just the niceness of text chat. On TS3 you dont need account. You just have your key (thats auto generated in background and its just bunch of random characters). Much better than discord on that regard.
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    @DubbaThony And if one admin doesn't update it, it sucks for everyone on that server - it's inherently a problem TS has and Discord doesn't.

    Yes you have that key. And another. And another 15. And then you log in on mobile, and you need all those keys, and you have no damn clue whether BxDoom19 on one server is the same BxDoom19 from another server.
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    Honestly I never had these problems in my expirience.

    Still, discord voice just plain sucks, is laggy as hell, and has definitely some connection issues even when rest of discord works. Only workaround is go to server settings and change location of server.

    While having TS3 server never, like never had server side issues with voice comms, and quality of said vc is way superior over discord.

    In my eyes only reason why i use discord is becouse people went there. But still, when i play something competetively, we allways fallback to TS3 becouse discord cant for heck get its main function right. Or at least functional enough.
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    @DubbaThony Well I'm not saying Discord is better than TS, I'm just pointing out what makes it a more convenient chat for various online communities.

    And voice chat is really not important in that case, because once there's 10+ people online you can't really use it anyway.
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    Well yeah.
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    The reason I switched to discord is direct messaging, I'm rarely bound to one server and switching through all servers to gather my peers is annoying.
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    More features like video chats and streaming, free servers, easy server config, chat bots, voice and text channels, chat bots, private messages, easy file transfers, web app, chat bots, game integration, in general clearer interface without useless options.

    TS might be more powerful but discord is easier to use for a general person.
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    The world is a shitshow. People like to be shown, well, shit.

    And if it's pretty shit, or shiny shit, then they prefer it over the less pretty, less shiny not-shit.

    We're all just farmers at the end of the day. We farm produce or we farm turds, but we still have to farm.

    The ok drives out the good. The bad drives out the ok.

    Rinse, repeat.
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    Bad idea. I see too many servers up for so long.

    Hung processes and zombies develop that way. Plus hundreds of unoptimised /tmp rm cronjobs that ignores that a deleted file is only really deleted if no process is keeping it open.

    If 100 % uptime is required, fail over systems are the way to go. Far more complicated to setup. Better bragging rights.

    But at least there will be expected reboots. How often did I see servers that had their first reboot a year in and then it turns out the service was only started and never enabled?

    Or worse, an update destroyed its start capability. When you reboot daily with fail over or weekly without, you at least know that the culprit was somewhere in this relatively small period.

    This was my daily part for the good fight against long up times.
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