Why are companies so biased against employees those who come late and work late as compared to those who come early and leave early?

Why is it okay to leave early but not so much to come late instead?

After some of us ignored repeated warnings, we've been told that anyone come after 10:30am will be marked half day absent.

So, if they do so, I'll sit there in office playing Fifa or Table Tennis, and not work until the second half starts xD

The reason for such biasness is that the daily stand-up is at 10:30, even though more people wanted it to be after 11. They even took a vote. And yet it was ignored (funnily initially more ppl voted for 11 initially and somehow some of the votes changed for in favor of 10am... Now slowly, because half the team wouldn't be on time, it's shifted to 10:30am.

And funnily, I'm already serving notice period in this company.

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    Advise I've been given is that you want visibility. You want to appear to at work.
    My standups are at 11:45 so that is when I try to be in the office XD

    Though TBH I think leads and managers just expect everyone is like them and should abide by their schedules.

    It's funny because my co-workers with insomnia just choose to work from home some days rather than show up to work late because of their stupid need for everyone to be 'on-time'
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    I find it fucking annoying if I can't count on people being in office on set times.
    If you've got kids or something that you need to drop off, that's fine. Otherwise just be in office at the set times.
    I lost track of how many times I needed people after 2 hours at work and they still needed to come in, while the day before they got in before me. Though leaving early is just as shitty.
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    IMO what we need is a 4 hour common window where all the meetings are organized, and a 6 hour window of choice available publicly in some employee database so people know when they can find you.
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    Are you working with clients, if so it's maybe to be available if a client calls. Plus, 11 is really late in the day, like normal lunch is at 12. Which is mid workday if you average between early birds and night owls. So you could reverse completely your schedule for an early bird this person would leave 1 hour after lunch which would leave 2 hours to fit any meeting for the whole team.
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    yeah can agree, fortunately noone yet complained about my 12 to 20 schedule.
    sucks for early meetings tho.
    and the 30 min mandatory break sucks.
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    Fuck the system.
    Before leaving, I'd make sure that I make this point heard.
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    @Lucky-Loek why should they follow your time-line? I mean I'm fine but then don't say that you have flexible timings... And when you don't have flexible timings I don't give a shit after the timing ends, I don't care if build is broken, if there's a bug, or if release gets delayed... I just don't give a shit.
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    Because the workplace is not a democracy and the management want the office to look populated and professional when they have morning meetings with clients?

    We've our stand ups at 09:00, and as long as youre there for them and you do 8h a day you are fine.
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    Funnily, my new workplace doesn't mind even if you come after midday xD

    And they pay waaaayyyy more.
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