I agreed to create a website for my school that allows students to subscribe to various laboratories and stuff. The IT guy said that I could host it on the school server no problem and I asked if Java would be ok. All cool and easy.

I completed the website and came back to him after a few days to load it on the server. He uploaded the jar executable to /var/www/ and asked me why it wasn't working. I just wanted to leave.

In the end, I hosted it myself.

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    between the "I just wanted to leave." and "in the end", did you try to explain it to the poor guy?
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    @JhonDoe well, he is way older than me and I didn't feel like teaching him "how to do his job" even if he admitted he has never worked with "Java servers".
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    @drac94 maybe just to not tell the dude "how to do his job" 🤷‍♀️
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    @drac94 I had very little time to do the job and Java was the only language I could use to write a working API without having to troubleshoot and stress test the thing. (because I know it better than something else)

    Also if I hadn't written it in Java I couldn't have hosted it myself because I'm currently using a free tier VPS that handles requests from various domains of mine and that server is written in Java and so must be its components.
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    How in tarnation did you get them to allow you, a student, to create a website for your school?

    I mean, congrats and all but I just can't imagine that.

    Maybe it's about my school in Germany having a stick up its ass in terms of trust to students and data security.

    Is that a common thing when a student is permitted to do that?

    I genuinely don't know but damn that would be cool.

    Heck we offered to design an entirely new frontend for our school and...well they immediately declined.

    The page still looks like 2003.

    Fucking hell
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    Hostin on your own server?
    That is bad. You should switch it to theirs so their service will continiue even if you move or forget.
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    @drac94 because its easy to use and wont shit itself if a student decides to use 42069 as their name
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    @Gregozor2121 that isn't even the bigges issue, think about data security and liability in case a dataleam occurs 😱
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    @Gregozor2121 It is a temporary website that will be online only for a couple of weeks, but I guess it'll be forgotten after I leave the school next year.

    @Ranchu The website was going to run on a separate server and under a DMZ so not much harm can be done with it. The same guy also sent me a list of all the school students via email to load it on the website. Therefore I don't think he is much concerned with security or privacy.
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    @devgianlu queue Dr Evil quotation marks....

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