Hello fellow people,

though I'm normally just a lurker, I want to take some time to make some new years resolutions I probably won't follow after a few days, but I do have some small goals I hopefully can achieve.

1. Hopefully not regretting to post this. I get kind of anxious when I think about someone I know could see this. I'm fairly new to this site, so I really don't know what's going to face me.

2. Getting my mental health on the right track.
I could do so much more if I wouldn't be as... occupied with uncomfortable thoughts as of right now, such as feeling as if I am not able to do what I want to do because I'll never achieve anything so why even trying... I want to change that, because I'd be more able to do things I want to do; to have more energy for uni because that's what I originally wanted to do. study computer science because it was and probably is still fun to me. finding the motivation I've had a few months ago.

3. With that follows... trying new things; starting a project and hopefully finishing it.

I don't know. I normally don't do these kind of new years resolution things, but I took this small opportunity, even if it is just for me, to write it down.
Here's to... another chaotic year, as always. But better chaos. I don't know... why am I doing this? This page wasn't meant for this or was it? I'm confused now. I'm sorry if this bothered anyone ^^'

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    This category and page was meant for this.

    Welcome on board, known comrade :)
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    @awruh you're welcome. PS: Write some more comments and I will ++ them. At 10++ you can create your avatar
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- yea I'll try if I'm not 1. overthinking it too much and 2. find something to comment on... though there's probably a lot
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    @awruh I believe in you. You can do this ^^
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    First of all welcome :)

    I dont struggle with any mental health problems, but i can kinda relate to it over some my own problems i am struggling with. Like i have pretty much lost my motivation to do anything like socialize, coding, gaming, basically everything.

    These days i am basically spending my time sleeping and watching more emotional series / movies (which i normally hate) to feel anything else than (anger/hate, Sadness & Nothingness)
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    @Frederick thank you!

    and yes, I definitely can relate to that. Sleeping over the day, spending the nights procrastinating and watching videos/playing games but none of it seems fun.
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    Welcome shadow lurker.

    You have made you're first steps in being apart of this chaotically peaceful community.... if that makes sense? I guess if you've been lurking long enough it might 😅

    Good luck in your future dealing with your mental issues, sometimes you just have to grab the bull by the horns and jump on for the ride.... hmm advise I could use myself, here's to that job application I've been putting off.
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    @C0D4 thank you!

    hopefully :')
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    Mental health is one my resolutions as well.
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