Is it possible to do both web design (Photoshop and the look of sites) and do front end coding for sites with HTML and scss is it all learnable?

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    i think you will find that a alot of companies will hire you faster if you can do both, in my daily job, i find that's usually our missing link
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    @DarkMukke I'm an apprentice developer I'm willing to learn as much as I can to understand more, I love both sides of being a developer/designer. Thanks for the comment
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    I second @DarkMukke. A good developer-designer is like a unicorn.

    Pretty hard to find but if you can get your hands on one some say drinking it's blood will grant you immortality.
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    It is! I do this, it's hard to keep them both A+ level (one is usually stronger than another) but it is possible to some degree
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    @humanbonsai yes, but if you have knowledge of both, you can be a the missing link, eg converting a design into html and css, that then in turn can be converted into a dynamic app
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    Thank you all for comments
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    I am a front end dev with inclination towards design but would like to dive into back end, most node js .
    What am I?
    P. S. I am electronics engineering student interested in machine learning.
    Life is too short 😶 fml
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    The line between front end dev and web designers are getting blurred now. I think web designers should learning front end web dev and vice versa, it's not that hard.
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    @HoloDreamer so you're saying designers who create the layouts like the guy who does the psd etc. Should learn how to code? And the other way round?
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    @thenoobdev yes because industry is changing. I strongly recommend against prototypeing in Photoshop such software. Instead, play with CSS and HTML just build sample web pages on local host. After that, Integration with real world CMS or platforms is quite easy. Less typing, less resources used but more work done compared to if your using Photoshop
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    @HoloDreamer so you don't think I should make layouts and stuff in Photoshop, just straight up code?
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    @thenoobdev yeah, i recommend coding. I do it that way and it's not that hard.
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    Don't, I agree witht he fact that you shouldnt fully design and do the actual details once you have html/css, nut do start with wireframes, because clients always describe things in a way that nobody has a clue. And once you do know what they mean, they probably change their mind once they see it.

    So i recmmend : Wireframes > Static Html > Dynamic template

    Ofc only the first 2 are for the designer.

    PS: one of the things you can do with static html and not with design is animation, which tends to be a a big part of things clients like to see
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    I agree for the most part with @HoloDreamer. Getting really good with the language or platform first will be helpful towards becoming a better designer. That way you can be aware of the UI nuances before you start designing. But I think once you get good enough, more powerful layout apps can be a lot more potent as a designer.
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