I'm really in love with Linux, I use it for work and programming. But at Home I still have a Windows Desktop PC. But All the Windows Updates in the past days (and even today) and the other Shit the Shit Windows has, I want to Switch to Linux even for my Home pc. I think for the first time I'll install it on a separate disk.

I want to try some new Linux Distribution. How about elementary os? I Like the design, its really attractive.
Thank you for Sharing your opinion with me :)

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    Elementary is awesome!
    You could ditch your windows and get www.paperspace.io if you have to use windows.
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    @heyheni Sounds cool, but not really relevant for me. I think for the first time, I'll use Linux and Windows both, so I Can Switch between them when I need to :)
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    I would suggest trying some flavors using something like virtual box before making a decision
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    If you're coming from Windows, Linux Mint Cinnamon is pretty easy to adapt to.
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