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    Goodbye, friend. It was such a pleasure to meet you. I think an award would be nice to remember you. Hopefully our "award generator", @Stuxnet, will hear about your story!
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    D O. N O T. L E A V E.
    E M B R A C E. T H E. V O I D
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    @Jilano nah no need to call him. I can do one better.
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    Beep beep boop boop
    Prints an special award.

    Dear "fill name here" i would like to give you this very special Haxk20 award of swag that you may use on devRant.

    *P.S This award has no value to people who dont know Haxk20 or outside of devRant
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    Also where is 2017 swag ?
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    @Jilano aight so I'mma have to see how I can go about automating the certificate making process.

    Awards are temporarily unavailable please bear with us as we upgrade our systems lmao
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    @Stuxnet True that!

    "In the mean time, please welcome tonight host: @Haxk20!"
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    Yay, the T-shirts I failed to get
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    It still saddens me I didn't get last years.... been slaving in private repos all year
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