Hey how can you learn a new programming language fast ?

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    Get Nike about it.
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    Get all the material you can, then fly into the biggest black hole you can find.
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    How can i get rich fast?
    How can i find a girlfriend fast?
    How can i ask more questions faster?
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    You don't
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    Pretty much sums it up for most
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    The more languages you know the easier it gets. In a paradigm syntaxes are similar, frameworks follow simular patterns and patterns and algorithms are universal in any language. It would be nice to know one from any paradigm, but just imperative and object oriented is enough because those are mostly used.
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    @24th-Dragon Came here to say this 😊
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    1. how do i declare and assign variables in this?

    1.5. what first-class types does it have?

    2. what's the class/function definition syntax?

    3. control structures? loops, conditions, iterations...?

    4. most used keywords?

    5. now let's skim through the list of contents of its standard library so i have a faint idea of what all it contains and how it names stuff.

    6. cool, let's code something in it that would take me 2-4 hours to do in a language i know, and let's be prepared that it might take two days in this new one, and that's fine.

    7. the thing from #6 is done? cool, i know the basics of the language.
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    @julkwel By investing continuous time into learning it/working with it. While the details may vary depending on the materials you use for learning, there is really no substitute for immersing yourself into the new language.
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    You can't learn a programming language in a day. There are too many intricacies involved which at first sight don't appear. Sure you can get up and going in a day to do a bit of hacking in a new language but that isn't equivalent to "knowing a programming language"
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