Tabs vs Spaces.

Not because one of them is definitely better than the other, but because it's 2020, we have editorconfig and everybody should just use what he personally prefers.

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    Spaces are usually better, objectively speaking.

    Spaces are:
    1. Editor independent alignment
    2. Generally no alignment problems
    3. Space are generally better defined, tabs aren't
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    The whole point of editorconfig is to prevent everyone from using what they prefer and standardize
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    I like how intelliJ converts [TAB] keypress to whatever it's set up to
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    Do what your team defined as standard, not whatever you prefer. This is how you end up with an endless stream of auto-formatted commits, where everyone needs to swim through a river of bullshit in order to recognize whether a changed line is actually a change or just auto-formatted tab-space-nonsense.
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    Everybody can use what they want and VS Code detects what was used in the file and automatically adjusts to it.

    Until it sees a file with both spaces and tabs, and.. Here we go again..
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    Agreed. Every decent editor of the last few decades or so automatically treats tabs and spaces the same and stays consistent with existing files. I don't even know what my vim setup uses and I don't care because it works the same either way.
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    @s0LA Yea Thats why you can configure editorconfig to automatically convert tabs into spaces
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    @netikras That's what I meant. The JetBrains IDEs have editorconfig running in the background.
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