Isn't pair programming kind of stupid in a workplace environment when you pair a junior and senior?

In that you that you pair someone that would be able to solve the task himself and one that needs still help to solve the task.

Why shouldn't the junior struggle on his own a bit before asking questions?

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    That's the most moronic way to abuse a senior dev - instead of letting him lead a TEAM of juniors.
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    Forced pair programming is shit and never ends well.

    Optional and by choice pair programming is where the magic lies after both devs have attempted it alone. Both devs are trying to solve a complex problem neither of them can do alone, and can bounce off each other to solve the problem at hand.
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    I think you are wrong
    The senior dev should struggle on his own for a while before the junior comes in and starts throwing new ideas ;)
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    Shut the fuck up. I always wanted to be reduced to nothing but one of my own testes. One of a pair. Pair programming is the only thing the gives me hope.
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    @C0D4 Pair programming works great between junior and senior. So long as it's still maintained that the junior is the junior and the senior is the senior. Usually both gain more when the senior operators and the junior observes. Only about one in 20 should the senior watch what they are doing to achieve the gain.
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    Saw a talk online about this this

    Novice, Armature, Professional, Expert

    Novice + Armature = good
    Professional + Expert = perfect
    Expert + Novice = catastrophe
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