I used to stick to the iPhone SE for the last year because it’s the only small phone, i can use it with one hand without doing acrobatic stuff with that hand.
But it’s time for an upgrade.
There are no small phones out there anyone (3.5 to max 4“)

I understand that I need to get a bigger phone, but I never had one (except for the iPhone 6 which I didn’t like and switched back to iPhone 4)

So what do you guys suggest? I read good things about the new Xperia.. is it any good?

Important to me is:
- No Samsung or google
- not huuuuge (like iPhones plus models)
- Android (wanna develop for ten and don’t use a Mac anymore)
- reasonable can, mic, speakers etc.
- Robust, has to last for 3-4 years

You guys told me to get a dell xps13 as a daily and it was the best decision ever so I hope you can help me with this one as well..

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    My wife is using an Xperia compact, reasonably happy with it. They are a bit pricey for the specs though, and Sony's repair process was... ungood, to say the least (they're kinda famously terrible, her phone was out for almost 6 weeks for a power button replacement).
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    I love my SE. Still works as advertised. Photos, Telegram and Google Pay.
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    Im gonna recommend nokia 6.2/7.2, both are great phones
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    I'm happy with my Nokia 6.1 that I got last year for just 169 EUR.
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    With the no google but Android part, do you mean no google phone brand or no google play services? (I've got a Sony phone with a custom ROM without google play services)
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    @linuxxx i meant no google phone.
    But what you’re mentioning there sounds very interesting..
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    Can't recommend the Nokia 6.1 (2018) enough in this regard
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    @just8littleBit I mostly do it for privacy reasons but then, I didn't use many google things anyways and I want control over my device so it was an easy choice :)
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