Today I learned that someone wrote a Python interpreter in JavaScript called Brython. So now you can include a framework to write shitty code in a buggy framework and tell your users to throw more hardware at it.

The guy I heard this from also believed that his code would somehow be "compiled" rather than what's essentially a framework be loaded and then execute code in a language not native to the browser...

So now you can write JavaScript where it doesn't belong in Node and write Python where it doesn't belong through a framework. Frontend and backend are so passé, we might as well start calling it fluid instead.



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    hmm.. I guess that means I should write a BASH-based interpreter for Python :)
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    Looking forward for javascript full-stack developers have the same end of Object Pascal developers.
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    🀒thanks, I think I just threw up in my mouth
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    I mean it's not a bad idea in itself if you leverage WASM...

    ie. https://github.com/RustPython/...
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    Hey, i heard you like interpreters, so...
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    If you can run windows 95 as an electron app...


    The most awful part is that you can fire up MS frontpage & internet explorer inside of that and make a website, or write batch scripts in notepad... all running as javascript.

    Who knows, maybe someone a few layers up is currently giggling that they managed to run a whole universe on Ecmascript 9, in which billions of people work on emulated computers, discovering that windows 95 is emulatable in Ecmascript 6.

    More of this stupidity at https://copy.sh/

    As a true neckbeard, I only approve of running Arch Linux on Javascript btw.
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    After reading this I think I am ready to switch career and finally fullfill my dream of owning a foodtruck making peoeple happy with my meals...

    Thanks for giving me the motivation to finally give up IT.
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    @PsCustomObject don't leave but.. same here :'(
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    @bittersweet fuckin hell.

    why are morons so addicted to adding more and more utterly stupid layers of abstraction and indirection?

    ... anyone else has a dream of a programming language that parses into expression tree of tokens which is a directly readable and executable machine code?
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    Since Arch runs systemd and systemd makes heavy use of spidermonkey, that's not as far fetched as it seems.
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    @Midnigh-shcode For everyone who takes the time to ask "why?" there will be someone who simply does. Why? Because it's an interesting challenge, or even just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.
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    @powerfulparadox making things as bloated and inefficient as possible is a big challenge allright.

    ... but an interesting one? i disagree on that part.
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    @Midnigh-shcode It's a challenge along the lines of, "can I do that?" which people might find interesting. Just because you have other standards that get in the way of your appreciation of such things...

    One person's bloat is another person's necessary feature.
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    @powerfulparadox what you're talking about in the last sentence is somethig different, we're not talking about that here, and i would not complain about that.
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    @Midnigh-shcode So you don't think a JS VM that can run Win 95 is necessary?
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    @powerfulparadox somehow I doubt that people use that JS-based Windows 95 to get any meaningful work done...
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    @Condor true, I'd only use it to play SkiFree in a "native" win95 environment?
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    @Condor Since when is meaningful work the only necessary thing?
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    If you're going to 'compile to javascript' why not just compile directly to whatever the hell vm assembly-hell javascript is compiled down to?
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    @powerfulparadox I'm not saying that the only "proper" use of software of any kind is productive use. Otherwise games and social media and such wouldn't exist. What I'm saying is that software like JS-based Win95, while created for funsies is also used as such. I don't care about code quality in those, hell it's impressive that they got it working in JS to start with. But in something that actually gets used "in the real world", yeah I'd expect that to be good. As such I would never ever EVER want an application that I'd actually have to use to get things done to be written in Python on top of JavaScript.
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