I just found out that my partner writes his increment operators with a space between the variable and the operator.

i ++;

anybody else do that because he's changed parts of our code to include the space and it's frustrating

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    I don't like this. This bothers me slightly lol
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    I'm glad that your partner is not weird enough to write like this:


    Other than that, it's getting on my nerves.
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    @orhun let's call that a duck operator
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    omg wtf
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    @orhun That's not weird, it's concerning.

    Your partner seems like they were bullied as a child by all the cool developers in the computer club. So now in his adult life, he's learned how to code just to make every developer around him and future maintenance developer frustrated.

    Disney, we have found your next villain.
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    @HelsinkiCodes now we need to find him a good disney villaim song
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    You should definitely talk to him about it. Ask about his childhood like @HelsinkiCodes suggested. There are clearly some trauma behind that behaviour, and it needs to be addressed promptly.

    Or you could also just be a normal human being and silently delete the spaces / wage a quiet war with him until one of you dies.
    Both should work.
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    This is like, making me uncomfortable.
    Also kind of anxious.
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    First time I've seen "personal space" depicted. 😁
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