Me: id like to collaborate together on a project with you, im a software engineer i do X and Y

Person: interesting. Inbox me

*Inboxing the person giving him my discord username to continue there*

Person: mate. I dont have discord. Skype work?


Me: i dont have skype. Skype is a 13 year old technology and really slow. Please use discord because its much easier and faster

Person: message me on skype. @skypename


All of u degenerates who use skype in 2020+ to do business, eat a big black DICK retardss

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    I'm still using skype for bussiness, not ashamed of it, I'm not a retard either AFAIK.

    You eat dick, or shit 💩
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    What?!? You cray-cray! Who the hell uses Skype OR Discord!? You do business ONLY on ICQ!
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    imagine using Discord for actual collaboration

    This post was made by: IRC gang
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    >calls skype slow
    >uses discord

    Some jokes write themselves
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    I write my messages down on a piece of paper while sipping tea made from leaves picked by the mouths of Asian virgins. I then feed that piece of paper to a sewer rat and flush it down the toilet. The rat then navigates itself through a series of intricate tubes and pipelines, guided by the remains of former pet carcasses and unwanted fetuses. Once the rat reaches its desired recipient location, it climbs up the sewer pipe into the toilet and waits until the receiver sits down, where everyone always reads their messages. The rat then methodically proceeds to bite the receiver in the ass, notifying them of a new message, scurry out of the toilet, and poop an array of droppings which form the shape of the once written message. The rat then uses the phone which was conveniently strapped to its back to notify me that the message was delivered and read.
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    Apperantly OP does more gaming than business. Ofcourse Skype is still relevant. Just download it and use it you whiny bitch.
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    The international aid community uses Skype all the time. It was the standard for all communication as it was free AND reliable. Anyone over 25 knows Skype was a standard and it still is in many industries. Just roll with it. Who gives a shit.
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    I use Yahoo! messenger and camfrog.
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    @HelsinkiCodes hahaha I do like that notification system that can give you plague.
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    Could be worse, he could want you to use Microsoft teams
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    Guys, add me on AOL, we can collab on a cool project!
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    Just build your own messenger with vide call functionality.
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    @tits-r-us okay that's a sin, holy water will be 69$
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    Who the fuck used discord for anything that you might not want anyone to know? Damn thing is rife with exploits, dataminers and shit.
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    If you want to work with me, we'll have to communicate via pigeon carriers.

    Sets a great working pace
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    I'm not sure how many of those comments are joking. Especially that "skype is reliable" one.
    Skype was and is just awful. The only _real_ superior thing is Teamspeak but I see that you won't do any business with that.
    Discord again is a blast to use. Shit's fast, reliable, works with your average german village 80kbit/s connection and it's amazingly easy to create a "room" for multiple people.
    I used skype very heavily, but no, it's just bad. Imo.
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    Jeeze, whoever develops that kind of an emotional response over a messaging app seriously needs to grow the fuck up
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    I don't use discord at all 😄
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