Me: id like to collaborate together on a project with you, im a software engineer i do X and Y

Person: interesting. Inbox me

*Inboxing the person giving him my discord username to continue there*

Person: mate. I dont have discord. Skype work?


Me: i dont have skype. Skype is a 13 year old technology and really slow. Please use discord because its much easier and faster

Person: message me on skype. @skypename


All of u degenerates who use skype in 2020+ to do business, eat a big black DICK retardss

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    I'm still using skype for bussiness, not ashamed of it, I'm not a retard either AFAIK.

    You eat dick, or shit 💩
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    What?!? You cray-cray! Who the hell uses Skype OR Discord!? You do business ONLY on ICQ!
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    imagine using Discord for actual collaboration

    This post was made by: IRC gang
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    >calls skype slow
    >uses discord

    Some jokes write themselves
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    Apperantly OP does more gaming than business. Ofcourse Skype is still relevant. Just download it and use it you whiny bitch.
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    @HelsinkiCodes Haha
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    The international aid community uses Skype all the time. It was the standard for all communication as it was free AND reliable. Anyone over 25 knows Skype was a standard and it still is in many industries. Just roll with it. Who gives a shit.
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    I use Yahoo! messenger and camfrog.
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    @HelsinkiCodes hahaha I do like that notification system that can give you plague.
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    Could be worse, he could want you to use Microsoft teams
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    Guys, add me on AOL, we can collab on a cool project!
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    Just build your own messenger with vide call functionality.
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    @tits-r-us okay that's a sin, holy water will be 69$
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    Who the fuck used discord for anything that you might not want anyone to know? Damn thing is rife with exploits, dataminers and shit.
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    If you want to work with me, we'll have to communicate via pigeon carriers.

    Sets a great working pace
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    I'm not sure how many of those comments are joking. Especially that "skype is reliable" one.
    Skype was and is just awful. The only _real_ superior thing is Teamspeak but I see that you won't do any business with that.
    Discord again is a blast to use. Shit's fast, reliable, works with your average german village 80kbit/s connection and it's amazingly easy to create a "room" for multiple people.
    I used skype very heavily, but no, it's just bad. Imo.
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    Jeeze, whoever develops that kind of an emotional response over a messaging app seriously needs to grow the fuck up
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    I don't use discord at all 😄
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