Hey devRant Community! 👋

My name is Justin Juno. I'm a developer with a background in merchandise design. After years of searching for programmer-centric goods and finding the majority of the results to be lackluster, I finally decided to do something about it.

So I created Dev Cotton, a ridiculously rad developer boutique that fuses the modern programming landscape with vintage aesthetics.

Needless to say, I'm really excited with how everything turned out. I'd love to hear your thoughts and could really use some help spreading the word.

You can see the full line and learn more at: https://www.devcotton.com

As well as stay in the loop and exchange gifs on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WearDevCotton/

If you are interested in picking something up, be sure to use "DEVRANT" for 10% OFF your order.

P.S. I'm new here, so if this is against the rules or something, just let me know. 👍

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    Ah, yes. Spam spam, spam everywhere...
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    If this doesn't go over well, everyone can blame me. This guy is local to my area and when I heard about what he was doing as a spare time killer between jobs, I thought this crowd would be the perfect audience for him, so I told him he should come around here and mention what he was doing.
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    Well it IS against the rules, but tees and swags are a lot cooler than those assholes trying to promote their shit ass courses, so I'll allow it ;)

    Also the dev one is the coolest, remaining looks a little dull. Try to get some better lines on it, you will find a lot of programmer humor on reddit and online comics
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    @StopWastingTime wait a second, I can shamelessly promote all of my courses? JK. 😉

    Appreciate the feedback though. 👍
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    Is against the rules, but looks great even so. My husband would def like the dark side shirt.
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    The "We All Belong In Tech" one is quite cringey. Can imagine some one who clearly does not belong there buying one, just as camouflage.

    A few more designers would be nice. Your spam is welcome.
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    Honestly it's not bad, thanks for showing me that, I really like "the dark side of the term", wish there were more stylish and minimalistic design like this one
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    @SortOfTested @shoop @p100sch appreciate the kind words and feedback! 👍
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    @JustinJunoDev i usually deeply despise ADs that appear in places where they shouldn't ... but this one is hard - while I agree with the others that this isn't the place for promotions I can totally dig the content (I just can't make myself -- it or report it). Will be checking out more.
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