We love you Win7

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    Honestly, it was. I guess for most people the most memories were made of Windows XP or maybe even further back. Even I remember playing games on Windows 2000.

    But with Windows 7 I really grew up. ICQ, first love, minecraft, illegal downloads, youtube at 3 am, the first real code, the first money for code, all that good stuff I experienced on Windows 7.

    I don't even care if it really was good or not (LiNuX iS bEtTeR in 3..2..1..), for me it's the memories alone that make it the best OS.♥️
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    RIP my old companion OS.

    Although I will never miss having to have drivers for everything on a USB since even the CD/DVD drive wasn't even recognised on a clean install.

    Although you weren't my first OS (I'm a 3.11 guy) you were definitely the one that had my back entering my career into the dev world.

    May you rest while we await your replacement, since every version since has been an absolute disaster, one way or another.
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    I'm pretty sure you mean three or four ways at once.
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    Win 7 was the first OS I had the honor of playing Minecraft on.
    Good times
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    Not touched Windows 7 since around 2011.

    8 certainly had its issues but most were fixed in 8.1 and 10 is my favorite iteration yet.

    Most memory's I have of early PC life would be on Windows Me, another system many people bitch about but I found was far faster and more stable than 98SE. 🤷‍♂️

    Loss of dedicated MSDOS mode was a bit of a bummer for some older games I still played at the time though.
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    @kwilliams ME was great, with the caveat that if it didn't like your rig the damn thing's bluescreen at will and probably within 30 minutes of booting.

    I started 3.11, but 95 was the one that really got me digging around the innards, it was the system I learned doing Lan config at Lan-parties on and I reinstalled the damn thing once a week or so because I wrecked something while exploring. Was good times, but between win7 and win10 I don't feel a lot of difference besides the start menu.
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    Yes, 7 was the best Windows.

    3.11 was more of a hobbyists tool

    95 was crap

    98 was better, but unstable

    2000 was ok, but not very innovative

    ME was useless crap

    XP was ok, but only a pumped up 2000 with 98 design

    Vista was utter crap

    8 was useless shit

    10 is just a toy, not an OS, and MS breaks it all the time

    I'm lucky to have changed to Debian years ago for my private stuff, but where necessary, W7 was really the best Windows. Sadly my company W7 PC is also outdated on the hardware specs, so I have to change to W10 soon.
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    I do hope that MS makes Win10 stable and keeps it that way. I am primarily a linux user myself, but I do take care of several windows machines at work. So problems with Windows cause many headaches. Its "What up this time?" and try to calm down users as MS breaks stuff. MS should pay me for doing their job.
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    Windows Vista ftw 🐻
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    I still think xp is the best, win7 is still running on my main pc and im not chainging that.
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    @nitwhiz icq with windows 7? Are you some sort of a Boomer in a middle age crisis? I used icq with windows 9x back in 1997
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    What, no love for DOS 3.0? That’s what I started on. ;)
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    @willhertz I still use XMPP or IRC(with a bouncer) if client asks me to implement some sort of IM on their website or android app. It is much faster, simpler and reliable than Firebase-based solution
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    @nitwhiz I'm one of those "Linux is better" nerds — but in my opinion, Linux really has grown up AFTER windows 7.

    The truth is, before/during windows 7, there was not a single Linux distro that was simple & stable enough to hand over to a family member. Ubuntu came close, but started being a bit weird with it's UI.

    Only in the last 5 years, Linux has started to become a desktop viable for people without an unwashed shirt and a 10cm beard... Linux grew up because it tried to be the last good windows.

    Linux Mint is basically a eulogy to windows 7.
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    @bittersweet absolutely!
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    Honestly, Windows 10 Pro is better, especially when you pretend you are an organization and disable all the spying shit and auto-updates. Far superior to Win 7 (coming from long-time Win 7 Ultimate user). I am starting to like Linux(Ubuntu(WSL), elementary(dual-boot), openSUSE(PCs in my students' club's class rooms), Debian(servers that I am managing + my RasPis), Manjaro(dual-boot on another PC)) more and more but I will still stick to Win 10 for daily-drive. JetBrains IDEs cause kernel panics on Linux for me but work perfectly fine on Windows 10. ...Also: games
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