Client: Extend string size for that URL field. I have to input a really large URL in there.

Me: Please show me the URL first.

Client: Here it is //randomurl.com/random-route/15363783?i=jfjfjfjjfjfjhf&shit=jfjfjkfkfkgjfjjhh74747jdjh&you=kfjfjbhgg779hdhhd&not=jfjhdh63737#fuckingKiddingMe

Me: You can leave the whole part after the question mark. Insert it like //randomurl.com/random-route/15363783

Client: Ok, great. Thanks.


Me later checking the data inserted:


I hate humans.

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    People suck.
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    Make it a tinyurl 😜😂👍
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    "People = shit"
    - Corey Taylor
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    @GXGOW yeah 🤘🤘
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    You never know, they may have actually double checked and actively decided they only needed the first part, without the id.
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    Pain of laughter! Anyway, when are people going to realize we don't live in the 2000's anymore? Every educated web developer knows that the key-value pair model in the query string has long been replaced by RESTful URLs. This is the most basic thing ever. How can a guy not know this.. oh wait, he's the client. Hehehe.
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    @CaptainRant I wasn't ranting about her not understanding key value pairs in the URL.
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    "How can a guy not know this"

    General computing knowledge doesn't always include your niche expertise. Just because it is a popular trend does not mean it is an unwavering standard.
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    @Demolishun REST is known to both backend and frontend developers, as well as it being general computer knowledge taught at every university's Computer Science 101.
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    @CaptainRant I didnt realize the client was a computer scientist.
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