Here some more information to despise Apple.

In the past few weeks I keep having a problem making the iMac connect to whatever website/host, so I had to rerun whatever I had to do: fetching from github, push to github, connecting to a LAN server, pinging to know to IP, accessing a webpage and so on.
Luckily enough, browsers tend to request again if an error occurs.

At my job, I upload app files to servers, like GooglePlay and AppStoreConnect.

For those who don't know, Google makes you upload the app through the browser (among other ways) while Apple requires you to upload your app either through XCode. No other possible ways.

Whenever XCode requires an update, the authentication is required, but the authentication server cannot be reached for at least 5-6 tries.
Then I have to upload the app and just to be ready to hit the "upload button" it takes like 3-4 minutes, which might be completely useless if a network error occurs.

How hard is it to make your fucking app-loader to try again at least a few times?

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    Ya Apple has the worst solution for uploading apps, if from xcode or app loader app, and on slow connections/or overloaded network you can forget about uploading your app.

    Also don't forget that random error processing app where it stays forever processing and the only way to fix it is to upload a new binary ....
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    Oh I despise it. Don't need any more reasons. Piece of shit Apple.
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    I've never developed something to some, but because of comments: Apple is a shit
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    @gitpush yeah indeed! Also, new version of XCode seems to not have AppLoader anymore
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    @ZioCain I noticed that because XCode 11 failed to upload my damn app, so I had to copy it form XCode 10, and place inside 11 folder....

    I still prefer using App Loader because it has less problems but does have its own share of them
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    have fun!
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    An Apple hate comment always gets atleast one upvote.
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