Tried to install gitlab on my RPi3. Not gonna try this again. Didn't really get it running and lost quite some time installing, configuring and removing it.
Afterwards someone told me that I should have at least 3.5Gb of ram, if I want to selfhost it, for a goodish user experience. Might have been the reason why thay was so awful, but holy fuck, that's a lot of memory. I wonder if that's RoR's fault or simply because gitlab is a such huge software 🤔

I'll try to install gitgud tomorrow and see how that goes 🙏

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    That sounds excessive, why does it need so much memory?
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    Install Gitea instead.
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    It doesn't have a small footprint

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    Gitea should do what you want.
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    If you install Gitlab to a Pi, you must reduce the features, e.g. disable Prometheus and reduce workers - I assume you already did. A Raspberry Pi is officially supported by the way.
    And of course, Gitea will still be faster, as a compiled Go binary obviously is faster than a huge Ruby application.
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    @kescherRant @PrivateGER @sbiewald Thanks for the recommendation. A coworker also pointed me to gogs, which I tried out first and then I broke the loop by adding something to fstab.

    Was trying to make the external hard drives where the code will be stored mount automatically, which really backfired 😂😅
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    @Awlex By the way, Gitea is a fork of gogs.
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    @sbiewald thanks for pointing that out 😂
    Didn't know that. Gotta make sure to compare them
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