How can I find a remote job as a junior web developer?

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    ask you local hair dresser, logistics or mechanical company if you could do their website. That way you build a portfolio. Those Industries have often no or really bad websites.
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    @heyheni Guess why they have bad websites...
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    @karma you had success with fiverr?
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    @FuckTS i hired an indian dude once from the last pages of fiver offerings for making me a easy one page single page website. The result was so bad i should have made it my self. So competetion is fierce on fiverr. Don't go on fiverr unless you want some disappointment. It's not worth your while as a beginner.
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    and to answer your question: it's in the nature of a junior dev program that junior devs get in person training. So there is probably no such thing as a remote junior training. As you've have read in the other rants of yours, you may want to build some websites for clients first so that you have something to show.
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    @FuckTS no, im a graphic and interaction designer. I do user research, write concepts, design, test and implement digital products.
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    @heyheni On freelancer.com, you'll find job postings with "no indians" in the title and it you check out the bids in those projects, you'll see a bunch of Indian dudes bidding anyway. I'm not kidding.
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    Well looking at the only HTML example you have in your Github currently:

    - Abuse of presentational classes as to be expected from the brain damage that it Bootstrap. However, as bad as it is, it is widespread brain damage and may help to land a job.

    - Abuse of heading levels just for their appearance, skipped heading levels.

    - Abuse of p tag on things that aren't a grammatical paragraph, abuse of figure on something that isn't a math diagram. Lack of understanding the semantics of HTML.

    - Link to a page on the page itself is bad except for in-page navigation.

    - HTML doesn't even validate as per https://validator.w3.org/ .

    - Pointless X-UA header.

    - This is work in progress? With the last commit 15 months ago?
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    @tits-r-us And then they wonder how it could be that people are so fed up with Indian freelancers that they put it right into the title.
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    I was just kidding with the fiverrrr haha
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    Luck and a shit load of applications
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    @FuckTS Yeah that's what I was looking at - you gave the link in the other rant.
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