ouch, it hurts seeing this...

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    May it rest in peace you monster what have you done to it lol
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    no seriously what the actual fuck.

    Who did this.
    I need a weapon.

    This is not okie-dokie *cocks shotgun*
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    A BTX motherboard with an LGA775 socket... nothing of value was lost 🤷‍
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    Looks like a nasty overclock
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    You know, how this Socket works?
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    Did you try turning it off amd back on again?
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    @Katakompe I like the AMD part in your comment
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    @Shiggy whoops that was punintended
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    Did he use the stock cooler or what?
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    This happens when you will try to overclock the new intel CPU with 380W boost TDP build on the innovative 14nm+++++++++ technology.
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    That looks like a chemical damage.
    From the picture i can see a electrolitic cap on the right side of the socket. So i assume that PC was found sonewhere and somebody just wanted to inspect the system. I dont think that is possible in normal operation unless he had spilled something nasty on the socket.
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    LGA775 old socket so that aint it.
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    @CodeTalker @010001111
    Isnt the plastic in the socket made from the thermalset plastic?
    Even if it wasnt cpu would die/turn off long before any degradation would happen
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    Jesus wasn’t expecting an autopsy while scrolling my feed
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    Add tag: nsfmr please.
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