Am I the only one here that uses Chrome for years and actually never had issues with high usage of RAM? I have 8GB today and my previous machine had 4GB.

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    Did you try CTRL-T?
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    Well I've never had problems with it... But that doesn't mean that it doesn't just eat resources.
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    I do like to press Ctrl+W often too.
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    chrome always gave me nightmares, I use ramdisk to speed up my browsers and compile times and chrome has brought my 8gb memory into swap hell, I have never had that problem with firefox. but if it works for you I'm happy for you, chrome tends to focus on security more than any browser so if you develop using it, it's a pretty safe bet that it will work on everything else besides ie8
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    Just have chrome open, it works on 2 GB of RAM. Now try using anything else along with it. Have fun 😀
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