Has anyone noticed that rants here have a pulse?

Yesterday was a VIM day. Today is windows-sucks day.

What's the tomorrow's topic? Anyone has an agenda?

*whoppsie, wrong tag

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    We had php already this week, so javascript should be almost back up
    On the firing line.
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    Coronavirus shit week.
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    Wait, is it a MS hate day? Then I have to write a rant...
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    I don't see any MS related rant... Do you sort by algo?

    Edit: ok I saw them, nevermind
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    It’s still VIM is bad day
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    Tomorrow will see a healthy dose of JavaScript bashing. The day after we have a lovely schedule of "but JS is actually the best language going" posts, and on Monday, join us as we all mourn for a Dev forced into using VB6 for his next project.
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    Rust+wasm has never been ranted about
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    Any GAS haters here?
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    @Pyjong gas. As in propane?
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    @netikras GNU Assembler, although it's more of a fart than gas.. But fart was already taken by "find and replace text" :/
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    Lets make tomorrow a genderswap day...
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    Python has a divided community, from architecture to version. One wheel cant roll on all paths xD!
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    @bennysway 32-bit 2.7 or gtfo xD
    (i write malware for XP with it tho so)
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    @Pyjong you made me chuckle like a little girl :)
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    are you familiar with "P...P...POWERSHELL!"?
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