I read this rant on Quora. Is this true ?

“The IT industry has devolved into a gigantic ponzi scam built on exploitation and BS. Quality of solution and quality of work was replaced with a ‘Does it work now?’ approach with zero contingency.
And the fact that geeks and nerds are naive only helps the white collar crooks to exploit them as code monkeys.”

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    Well, I like to be a "code monkey". It's my god damn job as software developer. I don't care how the UI is composed, I just take it for granted, that it was thought out by people knowing about UX (not me).

    To the first part: Yes. I can only speak for me of course, but from "what I've heard and/or seen": Yes. It's just a pile of "I mean, it works" and "let's refactor that some day".
    But it's not done on purpose. It's done this way because the layer above you (product owner, your boss, or whoever talks with your clients) has not the balls to say "I'm sorry, but this will take a bit..", so shit is bound to be rushed and chaotic, and because clients seem to handle IT different. It's someones fault if it doesn't work and it's easy (I don't really know why people think that though). Take furniture for example: It can take months before you recieve a custom made wardrobe. Somehow this is normal, nobody complains about it. But heck, isn't it totally _easy_ to nail a few wood planks together?
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    It all boils down to:
    - Clients behaving like little kids wanting candy
    - POs sometimes not being hard enough to the layer above them/clients
    - Clients not understanding what they actually order
    - not enough time
    - not enough manpower
    - not enough beer
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    From the two years being a Software Developer having worked at various companies, yes, this is the reality..
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    I agree. But it is not so obvious to my puny brain why. Sure the field is not very mature, the end users and customers certainly are not. They do think of devs the way they see photographers, just push a button.
    Even at small companies we build much from scratch comparing to other businesses. But then the needs are also more varied than in many industries. Look at the car industry. It's old, set in its optimized ways and all cars are the same. Still, if you just want an other color you could wait for months.
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    Yes and no IMO. I have worked in jobs that have prioritized "right" and "right now". As an engineer I find value in both. Unfortunately business needs determine if you need A solution or a GOOD solution. My current job prioritizes A solution and theoretically let's you go back and improve it. My last job prioritized a GOOD solution, but couldn't agree on what a good solution was, mostly because it was the blind leading the sighted who were blindfolded by management who valued the blind's opinions on what color the walls should be over the sighted's opinions that the walls should probably not be paper mache and duct tape.
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    @nitwhiz your job as a software developer is not to be a code monkey. If you're working as a code monkey, your job doesn't actually value what you do. A code monkey goes from point A to point B based on directions handed down from on high. A software developer goes from point A to point B based on best practice, education, and experience.
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    @projektaquarius so you actually do nothing because your software department has ~30 different opinions on how to do something and there is no consensus?
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    @projektaquarius sounds typical
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    @nitwhiz no I do plenty because my company hired me to do a job and trust me to do that job. They tell me what needs to get done and trust me to get it done. Unlike a code monkey who needs constant coaching and guidance to do their job. Or at least that is how management sees them and micromanages them.
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    @Ubbe . . . yeeeeaah.
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    Recently I have made bad choices because I've tried to cut corners, not wanting to be slow. Doing stuff that makes no sense due to opinions of well meaning but uninformed and very bossy people. Trying to fix other people's lack of insight by changing the toolset is a bad idea, note to self...
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    I totally agree with that statement because there is such a disconnect in the skills and knowledge to make the appropiate decisons to the people who actuy make them.

    I used to try to give my input but now I just do what they ask. If they want me to set that trashcan on fire I just do it.
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