so I have a junior who merged in a fix for an issue yesterday, and it was tested today and there was an issue with his "fix".

so he comes to me and says "hey this is an issue" and i'm like "yeah, remember i told you about that yesterday when i tested your changes? why did it get merged?"

so i tell him "its because of <reason> and that's why i specified the approach that i did in the ticket originally"

so he's like "ok i'll try that" and before doing that i leave him with "you will probably want to do <thing> because of <reason> with that approach"

so fast forward to like 10 mins ago. literally half the fucking day has gone by.

"hey, so i can't get this to work"

"yeah its because <reason> but what you /can/ do is <same fucking thing i told him to do this morning>"

"oh ok, ill give that a shot :thumbsup: "

and yet he's had this chip on his shoulder since reviews because he feels like he should have gotten a bigger raise and he's worth more than he's paid. and wonders why after 3 years he still hasn't been promoted from a junior.

and don't fucking say 'that's above my pay grade' all the time like you aren't fairly compensated, and then struggle to employ the same fucking patterns in a code base you've worked with for 3 years now.

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    Maybe explain your last two paragraphs to him. A rude wake up call might be what he needs.
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    They used to sit the college interns next to me since I got along with them.

    I was a little floored by how many talked to me about how much they should be making and that they were like 'cheap slave labor' as interns. Meanwhile they output... pretty much jack squat.

    Most had zero imitative, couldn't do much without hand holding, and weren't willing to take a chance and just try SOMETHING. I'd give them the speech of "Ok you're being given this as a challenge, nobody expects perfection or for this even to work, we just, we just want to see you try and see how it goes."

    Nope, they wanted hand holding .... and were bothered that they weren't paid enough for not accomplishing what would be a couple hours of work for me .... that they couldn't do in weeks.

    Also just left youtube on their screen playing all day ....

    Granted some were pretty good and we did hire a few of them, but it was day and night with the good vs the bad.

    Nobody listens anymore.
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    I feel like if you just showed up as an intern and need 'motivating' to...try. That's about all I need to know about them.
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    Personally, I hate the complainers and whiners who still don't get the job done even though you've given them all the advice to the point you may as well just do their task yourself.

    It's fine to bitch and moan about whether you're paid enough or that you deserve better - but prove it first. Show me and everyone else on the team why you deserve to complain. Because if you're already being treated with kid gloves and you still can't figure shit out, you probably need more training./experience.

    Hell, if you're a junior and your seniors don't think so, you probably don't. Period. Because seniors will fight for their juniors who impress them. Unless they're assholes, then you should probably work somewhere else.
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