Interviewer at Google: How did you come across this open position?

Candidate: I saw a student's post on LinkedIn where he got rejected in the first interview. I am active on LinkedIn so that I can learn from others' mistakes.

Interviewer: I will give you a chance to learn from your mistake. Please apply to Microsoft.

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    True or not, I have a visceral reaction to that kind of story. Basically, why would I ever want to work for a company that fosters such arrogance.
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    @rutee07 lol.. in that case, the interview is no longer required.. Google knows everything already
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    @monkeyboy Yes, it did happen. Taking conclusion from the actual long story.
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    @rutee07 please attend a Google interview and ask that question, please. I can't wait to hear what happens after that
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    Did the interviewer not have a strong grasp of English? That's a bit less sugar coated than I'd expect. Usually when they say something like that it's a hard pass due to culture fit, and they recommend a culture you'll work better under. It's shitty, but it's also nice to know you won't have to wait a week for a no.
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    @SortOfTested Actually, they twisted this a lot in the longer version

    It started when I expressed my interest in learning from others' activity on LinkedIn. They followed it by a specific graph based problem.

    At the end, one of the interviewers said that he was a part of Google+ team initially. The other one mentioned Microsoft would suite better.
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    Ahhh, gotcha. Well, you dodged a bullet then. That team is gone and most of them got shown the door.
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    Remember, honesty is rarely rewarded.
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