- Pigs flying
- Rats singing opera
- Donald Tump not being a bigot
- Our remote office staff having a clue

... all things I have accepted that are impossible

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    Only reason why your remotes have no clue is you are shit at managing and there is lack of communication
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    @addvilz So there is partial truth there. I am not managing them, but will fully agree their manager aspires to do a half assed job, no disagreement from me there.

    But that being said, there is communication, and when I have to explain a basic step of GitFlow, 4 times over the phone, twice by email, another 4 times via phone and then send a diagram and they still can't understand "Stop committing to master"

    ... this is not our fault
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    @practiseSafeHex of course. It all depends. Can you make master a protected branch on your vcs server?
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    @addvilz In this case no, the person I was talking to is also consider their tech lead, so either way, he would need access
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