Why the fuck are native desktop applications so damn slow when it comes to displaying remote/web contents???

Steam, XBOX/Microsoft Store, Apple App Store/Music are just a few examples. Waiting 1-2 seconds to perform a search, list products, start video playback or just loading a few bytes of text.

Even Internet Explorer destroys them when it comes to loading and displaying data! I prefer every overloaded electron based app over these crutches.

But honestly, why is this?!

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    Caching maybe?
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    @myss yeah, maybe. But why can't these fuckers implement simple caching then??
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    Steam takes less than half a second for me...
    Are you sure it's not just some bad internet?
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    Launch a new panel in a browser of your choice from the terminal with a url and measure it. Browsers feel faster because you don't compare it with native performance.
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    Why are you browsing through them so much that it matters
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