Funny how on Facebook (which I left years ago) I used to never get any likes for anything I wrote, even if it was meaningful.
Then I would look at the feeds of my friends and they would get ++'s for mainly useless and uninspired pop-culture reposts or posts of high narcissim.
It's ironic how they praised garbage rather than value.

I'm glad that on Devrant I at least get ++'s, indicating that people can relate to me. On Facebook, people faux-relate based on narcissim and faux-culture.


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    why care about some retarded points, don't place value on that shit. Otherwise your in a perpetual wheel chasing little bits around the web.
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    Deleted my Instagram a year time ago. I just use DevRant and Quora. Also involved in some Slack communities.
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    @Archeelux I don't care about the points though.
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    they get likes for their shit on facebook and instagram but get shit for their real work
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    I wish i only get notifications i care for on devrant, which is only mentions.
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    I love that when I read the devRant feed, about 80% of the posts are relevant to me, whereas on FB maybe 10% are. So being half an hour on devRant is better invested time for me than half an hour on FB.
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    It's ironic that you care about silly things like ++
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    The average person is shallow and doesn't like to think. They also do basically everything wrong, and make incorrect decisions well over 95% of the time.

    They're useless, pointless creatures.
    Ignore them.
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    @Root Yeah and they come to us for advice and when we give advice, they don't listen, they do their own shit and whoops, infinite loop. Well, I stopped helping them. :)
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    @CaptainRant "I don't care about the points though."

    by what's written in this rant, it does not looks like.

    either way, take your ++ . now give me your paw, good boy
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    @JhonDoe Comment reported. Stop trying to harass people and grow up.
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    @CaptainRant oh, sorry to hurt your feelings
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