So it's 2020 and still no native RTL support in 'modern' text editors or 'modern' web frameworks/libraries.

I'm looking at you sublime text and bootstrap.

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    Can you explain what's wrong on the screenshot?
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    Sure, text should display like the following:

    في العمق
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    It works fine on Visual Studio Code 🦦
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    Yeah I know, I use it when I'm working with translations.

    But sublime text and windows for example are in my 'comfort zone'... It sucks yeah, but whatever.
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    حتى الخطأ في العمق 🤭😂
    كلامك صحيح 👍
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    Add an issue or a feature request
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    Sublime Text is not modern.
    It‘s just acceptably good in the modern age.
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    Sublime text is only good for western regex of large files
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    Modern text editor.
    Sublime text.

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    Aah sorry, they brand it as a 'sophisticated' text editor, not modern..

    Well I guess it is also too sophisticated for their devs to support typing RTL languages...(yes they do have a feature request, and the reason for it not being implemented is this. https://forum.sublimetext.com/t/... )

    Well fuck it.. VSCode here I come.
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