Not sure if those are real song names or Spotify is trolling me when I try to trigger a "no results" UI in my app.

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    Write ifyzyxtxyitsugyayvisydkyxyuxduktscufydifufugudg
    And give the result
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    @AboMahdi how did you get the name of my last song!?
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    I am following all of your songs
    Even the last one which you didn't publish yet "fyisugkhlhuehhwjkdhclhywyroyisgflggsjjkdhvpggudug ogudusud of love"
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    @AboMahdi well at least I have a follower!
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    You need to sub the function returning results.
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    I remember a story on /. (I think) about a guy making a living out of making random songs on spotify using unlikely titles. This was in order to get to top results of bored people basically lol
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