Who else gets tempted into writing methods they believe they will use in the future. This over engineering is getting in my way 🙀

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    If I write a method/function, it is for that feature or user story

    If that needs to be generalized, that's for another day. I try to keep the contract simpler enough, but sometimes it is not possible to avoid refactoring later
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    @asgs you're right. Keeping things simple has always paid off
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    Thats why you use anonymous functions. If you would need it again, its easy to extract.
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    If I don't need it, I don't write it.

    If I write it and need it again, I'll extract it and generalise it for reuse.

    If only the devs before me did this 😞
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    @C0D4 you just gave a summary of it all. Very true.
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    public Task<TcpSocket> NotABackdoor

    public Task<DefaultCredential> TestNotRealUserCreation

    public IApplicationBuilder EmulateShitSecurityWantsThatIsntPossibleAndTheyreTooDumbToScanFor
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    Sometimes temptation gets the better of me, but then the compiler/IDE gives me warnings so I delete them again.
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