Motherfuck oh clients! My goodness their requirements.

They want a tiny part of an app load inside an iframe in a different app and have the data communicate both ways and the ui should look seamless and mobile responsive too.

What the actual fuck? iframe in 2016 ? Seriously?

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    I actually wrote a sweet React component to do this the other day. Iframe can be good for security flows like 3DSecure or signing documents with Docusign.
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    This is why I never talk about technical parts with the client. I just need to know their functional requirements.

    It's my job to develop, not theirs
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    @BikerMouse the problemis when your client is an old school tech guy who thinks he understands everything and asks for implementation details. He then sets future expectatios based on implementations.
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    @swazza not really when you dont want npm or bower packages and the piece is deployed in a different server.
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