Is LinkedIn actually any good?

Never used it and now that I'm a few months away from graduation I might just start. devRant is usually straight to the point about these things, what do I get out of bothering to use it?

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    fuck LinkedIn with a big rusty pole
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    No. Linkedin exists to keep track of people you've worked with, so that they're not on your Facebook.

    That said, you should befriend anyone worth knowing, so add them to Facebook, etc anyways.

    Yeah, fuck LinkedIn.
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    LinkedIn is good if you prefer middle-management circle jerking.
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    I get linked in related spam cause some jerk harvested my name off linked in and my company uses predictable names for my email addresses. So I now my linked in is mispelled on purpose. Tempted to use an alias on there rather than real name.
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    I recently neared the end of a project employment. Created a LinkedIn profile and polished it a bit. I had signed for a new job within two weeks.

    But I do suspect that mileage may vary depending on what country you are in and what the culture around LinkedIn is
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    LinkedIn is good to you be in touch with recruiters.
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    Even though I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (B. Sc.), either the applications I sent in on there didn't get any feedback or got negative feedback.

    After having used Linkedin since I graduated years ago, it has been of absolutely zero value to me. It only got me endless recruiter spam and one hotel cafe conversation. Nothing of value has come from it, only a ginormous waste of time and energy.

    I don't recommend this platform.
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    It doesn't hurt
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