How much of a job gap would become an issue in India when job hunting? Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    India: make sure you have the last 10 years continuously recorded at least at 3 different companies at once and get every online certification that exists.
    Rest of the world: if you can write a binary search you should be fine
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    I don't know about India, but elsewhere if you are 4+ months without a job, it will raise suspicion and lower chances.

    On the other hand, before I got this job, I had chosen to give my life the needed breathing space so I became jobless for a year. I find that I don't owe anyone any explanation on why. Personal mental well-being is more important to me.
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    @CaptainRant ok cool, can we add freelancing as something to close the gap in employment?
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    @newandroidfan That would be something.
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