Rantish story time!

Today I impressed myself. I was told in all seriousness by a PM "couldn't we do this API in HTML?" and kept a straight face. Even though he doubled down, following with "oh, do you think the language isn't powerful enough?".

Good times!

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    bruh sound effect #2
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    L, L, L, L, what ends in L?

    URL, HTML, JS Hell, CS...

    Fuck you CSS!
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    I meeeeeeaaaaaan

    You could, if you do the routing with apache
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    Wait, what?
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    No one said what the data structure in the responses had to be, so... technically you could.
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    Technically table or dl could be considered a datastructure...

    And you could parse it.

    Insane? Maybe. But possible.
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    Totally possible. You have an html document containing every possible api response, and use an anchor tag to display the correct one. Your "api" then is just constructing the correct anchor from input and redirecting.

    Nevermind that this would be exabytes of useless data, and giving away all of your customer data on every request.

    Hell, just replace this page with the endless digits of Pi, and have your api search through it for the requested data. "404? If your data isn't here, check back in a few hours; we're busy calculating more!"
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    If your PM is a guy, ask him if he can give birth to a baby (he's human, right?).

    When he says no, ask him if that's because he's not powerful enough? 😂
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    @LordPeeve It's true, he isn't! 😉
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    @yellow-dog yes and do some out of worldly authentication through htaccess but! we do not want to resolve to that now, do we? 😅
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    @Root your rambling about pi reminded me of this: https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/...
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