Everyone’s a remote worker at our company by default. Literally no HQ or central physical office to report to. As it should be for most people who are knowledge workers or coders. Why commute and pollute and all that nonsense? It doesn’t make sense anymore for a lot of people like us.

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    I hope to join a company that let's it's employees choose between work from home or office.
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    I've got that option and it's pretty cool.
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    Old companies with old CEO's/policy makers that have a hard time with change and understanding the future.

    These guys used to give people shit that didn't wear a tie every day and only want administrative assistants that are women. WFH is slowly coming around but we are only allowed once a week depending on your manager.
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    To everyone who thinks this would be their dream position, just one thing which could be a downside for some - this kind of approach requires a lot of maturity and sense of responsibility from workers, not everyone can handle it.
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    @myss and from owners/managers/supervisors as well. You have to completely change how you think about leadership and how you implement it. No more slavedriving clock punching mentality. The success is measured in output, not in time spent. Sometimes outputs only require 2 hours of actual work, so that effectively negates the rest of the day in terms of “what else are you doing”, unless you allow some freedom on the part of the employee to use that time in other ways, such as in professional development, rather than busy work.
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    But then there's always a bunch of line managers who think that working in the office (open office!!!) is the best thing. You see, that way people will interact, talk, have ideas, brain storm and business will be booming! Also, the office space gives a great chance for the below mediocre dumdums to ask the fuck out of everyone else. They get to interrupt everyone whenever they feel like it.

    And how could you be a manager, if you couldn't sit there in the middle of everyone watching people coming and going? You get to order people to have daily meetings, where they have nothing to discuss about, and then you can pop into these meetings to ask people what the hell is going on in your project and could someone please explain what we are supposed to do.

    Sure you could have a conf call from home with proper headset and 30" monitor. But it's much better to cram into a meeting room with 13" laptop, no mouse and crappy conf call speaker.
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    Unpopular opinion--I'm more productive at the office, if it is quiet, than from home. At the office, I have three monitors, tons of space, ergo-chair for 2k USD, and good coffee. At home, I have... Well... My laptop and a keyboard, coz I'm renting and live in a small space.

    I can work remotely, but I choose to walk to the office every morning. Working from home is awesome if I feel like shit, but if I feel healthy, I typically just walk there.

    Of course though, if I had to spend like an hour driving to get to work... Man, fuck that.
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    I could never, ever work full time remote. Even 50/50. I'm just not built like that.
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    I procastinate at home because i dont have to get the job done to go home.
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    But the point is not that is it better to work at home or at the office. The point is to have a choice! You could work 100% in the office, but it's still nice to know that any given day you could be remote if you need to be. Maybe you have a doctors appointment, maybe you need to take your kids to the shrink 15min after your work day ends.

    Currently the situation seems to be that most of us are forced to be in the office because some people like to drink coffee while watching familiar faces.

    Just look at the open office today. 90% of people just sit there with noise canceling headphones on and zone out. How's that different from from remote work.
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    To not get fat... Forced exercise... I gotta at least walk 20mins each way.

    As for me, now everyone is wfh, I feel less guilty. I'm like a remote worker that sometimes goes to the office.. If I feel like it (aka the weather is nice and I don't oversleep)
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    Case in point: I once worked for a company that had many offices. My position had me working for a remote office. I was told I still needed to report to my local office each day even though there were zero people on my team there. They tried to make me move to a huge metro area I had no interest in living in, so I said no. My punishment apparently was to be forced to travel to that remote city regularly to “show my face”. All the other time I was at my local office I was under heavy suspicion of doing nothing even though my work product proved otherwise. When I was “in the office” people rarely gave me tasks that couldn’t have been done from my home office. Eventually I said screw it and quit working even at the local office and just stayed home. Been doing that kind of work arrangement ever since and thriving.
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    @billgates unless you do not live within 20 minutes walking distance and commute by car for an hour each way :-/
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    Sadly companies in UK even tech companies like you an office environment, can't see it changing for next 100 years.
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