I am currently a backend developer at a company in the financial services industry. In January I approached the owners that I wanted to discuss a pay increase due to new skills I have o trained that they want. At first they were willing to meet the next day but the next morning wanted me to wait until review time. I told I was willing to wait as long as they would give me a date and time. Due to last review season being blind sided and having to have my review 10 minutes after getting back from vacation without warning. It hey did they didn’t have the times schedule yet so I waited till last week to request the time again since it’s one month away and they basically said we aren’t giving you a time we will call you when we get your time. I think they are stalling because I’m highly leveraged now and that don’t want to face the reality that I am due for a pay raise. What do you guys think

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    I never had too much luck getting my company to pay me more as I became more experienced. Best bet was to find a new job.
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    If they are not willing to negotiate with you and you can go somewhere else then I highly suggest you do, granted that you have a place you can go to.
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    Bounce time nigga
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    Think of it this way: They have already answered your question about the pay increase. You just don’t like the answer.

    When you approach your boss about a pay rise, everyone knows what game is being played. It doesn’t matter if they have time for a meeting. You are now a resource in a high risk of being lost. Yet, they are accepting that risk.

    Good luck job hunting!

    You will be surprised in how fast a meeting will be scheduled once you give in your notice :)
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