Client had our company build them a site, they refused our hosting suggestions, and did not want any maintenance on their site.

They eventually left us as a client all together(they were getting other services so they occasionally got an edit or two) and sent several rude emails to delete their passwords so we wouldn't have access to their stuff anymore. I gladly gave the site over to the new company with a solid "good luck." I wanted nothing to do with this client anymore anyway.

Now I'm 9 months down the line and my AM sends me an email that the client wants maintenance. I'm already typing up a ranting email to tell them no, when I decide to check the site. There are WordPress php errors all over the site.

Idk what this other company did, but I want nothing to do with cleaning up someone else's screwups. If I were freelance, this would be a HUGE up charge.

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    It's mad how often I see this has happened... I had ran a very simple site for a company for 3 or 4 years but then they wanted to move to someone else... Also gladly gave, well just the domain over (they wanted to start from scratch) but I haven't seen their online presence since.
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    @rtannerf I'm still sitting on my response simply because the problem solver in me really just wants to fix it. I can't stand shit being broke.

    I just wish there was something in it for me to make it worth my while to fix it. I've already been told I won't be receiving a raise at my annual review in Jan.
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    Haha...Please follow up how it turned out. Would love to hear more
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    @rtannerf you're truly right
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    You'd be amazed how often they don't learn anything from such experiments.... Had a client that tried to pull this off four times. Same thing over and over. We were literally laughing at their faces every time they came back begging us to fix their website. And, I have a feeling they'll try again soon because they started to question our every hour... Fun, fun, fun!
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    @WerewolfCustoms we have another client who wanted all his WordPress plugins tweaked just a little bit at a time to the point where now if you update them things will implode and probably 500 error the site.

    He just mentioned he was thinking of going with another web team. "Sure thing buddy" I say returning customers prices should be increased by 50% every time they leave and come back. Not loyal clients who stick around, but the guys who try to jump from team to team to team trying to get their mess cleaned up for free.
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