You must be really senior to pull this off 不不

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    Technically it is doable but the only seniors who would think its a nice experience to work with xcode when there are non sucky alternatives are the ones with dementia.
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    Written by a recruiter I'm sure
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    @Drekel since android has a proper sdk you can build android apps using pretty much anything that lets you edit text. (Vim + terminal is probably less painful than xcode)
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    sed -i 's/iPhone/Android/g'

    There. Post, and Done.
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    @djsumdog definitely
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    Once had a job description of

    - Must have 3 years experience
    - Must be comfortable creating websites in notepad.

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    Had a similar thing a few years back: https://devrant.com/rants/539913/...
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    I'd like to code Android stuff in Xcode. Currently I am using Android Studio, IntelliJ and Visual Studio.
    I really don't know why many devs are bitching about Xcode. Probably because it's from Apple
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    @Lensflare No its because it sucks and it is effectively forced upon developers. To build for iOS you MUST use xcode on a mac. (Sure it is technically enough if you have a build server that runs macos and xcode but thats pretty darn painful)
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    @ItsNotMyFault yeah it sucks that you need a mac to build for ios but you don’t need Xcode. There is the AppCode IDE (I never tried it) and you can even use Visual Studio with Xamarin on Windows to develop for ios.

    But I like Xcode.
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    Or high on herbs
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