Anyone tried Apple AirPods, are they good and worth the price?
How is it if I am iPhone & Windows PC

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    It depends what you're looking for. In case of microphone/voice detection, they're okay (same goes for the Pro version and the Huawei counterparts). For the audio quality, though, they're not the best, by far. I don't remember the exact names/references of all the alternatives since many companies have no idea how to name a product, but the Sony XM3 are pretty good from what I've gathered.

    PS: Do keep in mind that you need high quality files in the first place to enjoy a nice experience.
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    I think the audio quality is garbage, currently using a skullcandy indy and its like 295829 times better
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    How does one be an iPhone while being Windows PC? 🤔
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    @melezorus34 You can connect any Bluetooth device to a PC if you have a dongle (embedded or not).
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    Get some proper headphones. Don't look back.
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    @PrivateGER that’s my question, are they a ”proper” choice
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    @Coffe2Code Absolutely not.
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