So today we were notified that the schools in our sector will be closing next Monday for an unknown amount of time...

The building where my office is, will also be closing...

The fuck!!! I have 3 lovely monsters... No way to run, to hide, to be in peace!!!! THE WHOLE FUCKING DAY!! FOR WEEKS!!!!

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    I heard good things about coma.
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    Cartoons, play dates (lots of other parents in exactly the same situation) and booze for mama and papa
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    Find someone with coronavirus, spend some time with them, isolate yourself from your "loved ones" for 14 days, get work done.
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    Maybe introduce them to such fun games as who-can-find-the-largest-prime-number?
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    @halfflat they know plenty of games... Like "why", " let's yell and run as if windows 95 is after us", "let's paint dad screen", " let's run and collide with dad", and lots more...
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    Happening here in the US, too.
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    my sons (HS) is now off for 2 weeks, daycare hasn't closed for the youngest just yet, but highly likely. Nothing is going to get done, except alot of drinking...
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    @jotamontecino Sounds so familiar...

    This is my every. single. day.
    I have to hide just to get any work done.
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    Allow me to one-up you:

    At home I've got:

    - My wife
    - My 2 kids (15 and 19)
    - My mother-in-law
    - A family of 3 friends who, until early March, were living in Shenzhen, China. (Their eldest son will be joining the mix soon, too)
    - A small dog that barks at many things

    This is why I'm in the office and not WFH
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    Update: Company closed yesterday.

    This is why I AM WFH
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