Guys, it's first time to post here, i just tired and so lost😟
I want make an apps for mobiles and idk what should be use.
Xamrine, java, kotlin, react, dart, flutter.
Idk there are a lot of Options.

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    start by gauging how much knowledge you currently have and with what tools. Do you want to develop natively? or use a hybrid approach, do you want to use shit?(xamarin) or anything else?
    How you want to build the apl would greatly impact. Also, do you by any chance own a mac?
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    Dive in on one, there's no right answer here.

    Also, welcome to devRant.
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    I thought this was @scor making a joke.
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    React is my pick, but just experiment
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    Gonna narrow it down for you: Flutter, Kotlin or React.

    If you want native Android only app, use Kotlin.

    If you want cross platform (also web and ios), use React. Note that there are some limitations on native mobile.

    If you want all if that, and you're ok with somewhat new platform, use Flutter.
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    @WildOrangutan and if you want decent performance, use Flutter or native
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    If you are like me, use js to make it a WebAPK
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    @melezorus34 using JavaScript
    But how?
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    By adding manifest.json to your html. Google Developers have a great article and example for it.
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